Dialogue and Division: A Catholic-Lutheran Rapprochement?

The Vatican recently posted on its website a long and detailed document outlining preparations for the 500th anniversary of the circulation of Martin Luther's 95 Theses and the foundation of Protestantism. This joint effort of Catholic and … [Read more...]

The Blessing of Anonymity

I have always thought that those who actively seek fame are crazy. To have your every action observed and judged by a crowd who knows everything about you (except anything that matters or makes you human) seems to me to be more curse than … [Read more...]

Prisoners of Their Rhetoric

The former CEO of Mozilla Firefox, Brendan Eich, was pressured into stepping down from his position because he donated $1,000 to the supporters of Proposition 8 (a California referendum banning same-sex marriage). From now on, every time a … [Read more...]

Conspiracy Theories, Catholic Edition

Conspiracy theories, at their heart, are facile explanations of high-profile events. From the infamous Kennedy assassination, to the World Trade Center attacks, to the mysterious disappearance of jets - people don't accept "official" … [Read more...]

Negative Campaigning and the Prisoner’s Dilemma

No one likes negative campaigning (well, except for ad agencies): it angers voters, distracts from serious issues, and turns political campaigning into a miserable mudfest. Besides, in the long run, conversion is far a more effective weapon than … [Read more...]

The Work of God

After a mercifully brief period of unemployment, I am working in the development office at a fairly small (not to mention awesome) pro-life non-profit. My training is in a different field (writing, as you have had ample opportunity to suffer … [Read more...]

St. Joseph, the Silent Saint

Some of the most revered saints in the Catholic Church are justifiably famous for the veritable whirlwinds of activity they wrought upon earth. St. Patrick (whose feast we just celebrated) is legendary for his bravery and miraculous exploits in … [Read more...]

The Workless Man

By the grace of God and the assistance of good and holy men, I am working again after facing a relatively brief period of unemployment. Readers, if any of you have ever been unemployed for any length of time, you know well the evil things that … [Read more...]


Admit it, readers, you missed my bad poetry sessions. But there is no need to fear! What has been missing from your lives has been gloriously restored! Phoenix Dear friend, you cannot break what can't be broken. The Fount of Youth still … [Read more...]

The Politics of Power

I recently came across this National Review article from Phyllis Schafly on the question of illegal immigration. This quote sums up the piece rather nicely: "Looking at the political motivation of the groups pushing higher immigration and … [Read more...]