Society and the Soul

As by now you assuredly know, the Hobby Lobby case has been decided sanely by the Supreme Court, and many loudmouths are predictably not happy with the decision. One sentence in particular from the White House press secretary’s comments on the … [Read more...]

Hobby Lobby and the Magic Pill

Editors Note: I wrote this piece when the Hobby Lobby decision came out, but deliberately waited before posting it. For there was a small chance that a backlash to the decision might induce a law or an executive mandate countering it, and it is … [Read more...]

Lying by the Numbers

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics.” - Mark Twain, quoting Benjamin Disraeli Among other pursuits, I teach high school mathematics - a rewarding (if dying) art. One of the first lessons that I teach in my statistics … [Read more...]

Power Spike

“She’s going insane, right, Doctor?” “Most women are.” Dr. Brett Gallicho’s stony visage twisted upwards in what was meant to be a smile. But Grant Mitchell was in no mood for banter – certainly not when his girlfriend’s life was on the … [Read more...]

Political Philosophy

If you ever wanted a short and simple explanation of how politics works - here you go. Political Philosophy We're not so different, you and I. You stretch the truth, I tell a lie. Your code may be more straight than mine, But why? What … [Read more...]

Pining for a World That Never Was

Considering my frequent denunciations of the evils of modern world (there is an insane overusage of the phrase "the modern age" in my writing), one might think that I share the nostalgia of many Catholics for the glories of bygone Christian … [Read more...]

A Steady Hand, A Strong Father

We humans tend to measure greatness by spectacular deeds, since visible greatness is obvious. The firefighter running into a burning building to save a couple kids, the soldier diving on a grenade to protect his fellows, the boyfriend guarding … [Read more...]

The Uses of Internet Lunatics

Lunatics on the Internet - you know them when you see them. The sad souls that respond to every argument they disagree with with expletives. The type so fixated on their own two or three thoughts that any disagreement is to be shouted down. The … [Read more...]

A Thomistic Proof for the Awfulness of France

It's back... The Summa of False Logic returns! Previous editions have liberated great truths about Sasquatch, Maryland, VeggieTales, and the Oakland Raiders from the shadows of myth and ignorance. Now, it is time we turn to other, weightier … [Read more...]

The Lazy Man’s Civil Rights

Readers, as many of you already know, a little while back former Los Angeles Clippers (a basketball team) owner Donald Sterling said idiotic racist things... and was banned for life from the NBA for his, shall we say, colorful commentary. I have … [Read more...]